This is how things are going to achieve the extradition of Andrés Roemer

A few days ago, Diana met with the Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, from whom, he says, he has received support and advice. “Honestly, on the Mexican side there is not much to do; The arrest warrants are in place and legally that is the end of what the country can do because now we would have to wait for the aggressor to return and start the trial, but since there are no signs of this, an international process is necessary, ”says Murrieta.

The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, in coordination with Foreign Relations, are the bodies that carry out the process and have so far requested extradition under the principle of international cooperation.

Andres Roemer
Andres Roemer

Us for them It has also had contact with mobilizations in Israel and has sought alliances with organizations in the Holy Land. As for the victims, Diana Murrieta says that they are all fine, that this has been a collective catharsis, although she recognizes that there are some with more force than others. His next step is to meet with the Israeli ambassador to Mexico.

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