Miss France 2022: Diane Leyre, family victory

A few minutes after her coronation, Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022, found her parents and her brother, who had come to Caen to support her.

After the coronation, the comfort of his family. A few minutes after being elected beauty queen 2022, Diane Leyre went to embrace her family, present in the public then backstage. His parents André and Sabine, as well as his brother who works in finance in London, made the trip to the Zénith in Caen (Calvados) to closely follow the TF1 show, scrutinized by more than 7 million viewers. The brunette of 1m77, holder of an international business diploma, was chosen 50/50 by TF1 viewers and by a jury chaired by Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

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“Now we can die in peace!”, Said his father at the moment of the victory.

“I really did not tremble from beginning to end, I was convinced that she would get there, the whole scenario went wonderfully well”, commented her father, “proud”, at the microphone of RTL. “I come from a family where I don’t think there were people with enormous glory so for the whole family, it’s good to make history for that”, he added. Nearby “Parisian“, He confides to have pronounced at the time of the victory of his daughter” the sentence of Thierry Roland when France beat Brazil in the final of the World 98: ‘now we can die in peace!’ “.

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The mother, Sabine, was less serene during the evening. “My daughter is spontaneous, you ask her a question, she does not think she answers”, she commented, she n she had “no worries” on this test of the competition. But Sabine was still “very afraid” when the candidates have a minute to introduce themselves: “her problem was not to panic during her speech”.

During our interview with the 24-year-old before the big night, she spoke of her parents as role models for her. “Both taught me the value of money and hard work,” she said. They have worked hard all their lives to be successful in their field. My father left his Camargue to come to Île-de-France to have more opportunities, leaving behind his family, his landmarks. He started from nothing. Still today at 68, he works. He’s a real enthusiast. He impresses me with his will. “

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