Prince Andrew: images filmed in the villa of Jeffrey Epstein?

This Friday, December 10 took place the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell. This woman of British origin is accused of having played the role of tout for Jeffrey Epstein, putting him in contact with young underage women and leading his prostitution network. On this occasion, Sarah Ransome, one of the victims, who claims to have been raped in the multimillionaire’s villa located in the Caribbean, gave details of this house in comments reported by “The Sun”. According to her, the villa is being filmed by surveillance cameras hidden all over the property. She explains: “One day, I lit a cigarette. And Jeffrey, who hated smokers, came out of nowhere. ”

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“I have records of all the people who set foot on my properties”

Sarah Ransome also explains that she wanted to swim away from the island, after having suffered three consecutive days of rape. But the young woman was immediately caught by security agents as well as by Ghislaine Maxwell, herself. “I had chosen a remote location on the island on purpose, but they arrived almost instantly,” she says. Proof that cameras had been installed on the property. She continues, “Jeffrey once told me, ‘I have records of all the people who set foot on my properties.’ “The young woman specifies:” It was a real spider’s web. He had a whole surveillance system. However, Prince Andrew, also accused of sexual assault, had visited his friend’s island in the Caribbean several times, after being invited there. Sarah Ransome’s statements therefore suggest that videos of the son of Elizabeth II, filmed without her knowing it on this island that the inhabitants nickname “the island of the orgy”, according to “The Sun”, exist or would have existed.

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