Marvel Reveals Ghost Rider’s Most Beast Vehicle

ghost rider marvel

Ghost Rider often uses motorcycles, cars and other vehicles, but Marvel reveals that there is something much more shocking than all that.

Attention SPOILERS from Marvel Voices Communities # 1 by Yehudi Mercado, Mauro Fodra and Fernando Sifuentes. Since they started publishing their stories in 1972, Ghost Rider It has always shown itself to be an almost unstoppable force, as it can turn any vehicle into a form of hellish transportation. But … what if I used a train? We already have an answer to that question.

In the history ‘Loco-Motion’ from the comic of Marvel Voices Communities # 1 Robbie Reyes And his brother Gabe they have to get on a train to go to the hospital. At the station they come across a racist gang that is dedicated to insulting and intimidating Latinos who only try to use the train. Enraged, Robbie reveals what it is Ghost Rider and transform a train into an infernal ghost vehicle. That vehicle turns out to be visually stunning, as it has its skull and fire face protruding from its new eyes and mouth. Obviously this scares the poor passengers inside very much and they can be seen screaming in horror.

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But even though Marvel has given the most brutal vehicle to Ghost RiderIt has not been the best of ideas, since the train travels faster than it should and almost crashes into some tar pits. If this happened, the passengers would have died in the embers, but luckily Robbie manages to redirect the train and put it back on the track. Although they are late for the doctor’s appointment.

ghost rider marvel

From now on you must choose the vehicles that you turn into infernal.

Although it seemed like a good idea at first to turn a train into a fireball, small vehicles like motorcycles and cars have been shown to be much better. Since their maneuverability makes them not a danger to the innocent caught in the crossfire. It should also be remembered that in Marvel stories One Million B.C. Avengers, this character came to handle a fire mammoth. Also in movies starring Nicolas cage came to be on top of a fiery crane. So there are many possibilities and surely all will have things for and against.

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