Jaime Camil remembers the end of his friendship with Luis Miguel

First, the Golden Scorpion asked: “Did your dad love him more than you?”, To which Jaime Camil replied: “Luis Miguel is a life cycle that is over and that’s it.”

Then, the youtuber questioned whether the cause of his estrangement had to do with when ‘El Sol’ had a love relationship with Sofía Vergara, to which the actor said: “Nothing … well, it brings you down to all of them, but it is that it’s Luis Miguel, but all is well ”.

Then, the Scorpion asked him if the singer was dead, to which Camil pointed out: “Of course not. First of all, I haven’t talked to him for years and I have no idea, I don’t think he died.”

Finally, Jaime Camil revealed that he contributed to the choreography of the song It will be that you do not love me. “We did it between Micky, Alejandro, me and someone else, we were at the Hard Rock Café in Acapulco. Micky brought the master of this song, it still hadn’t come out, and there, dancing on the table, the most basic thing in the world, he stayed “.

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