Looking for your Ugly Sweater? We tell you where to find the coolest

The history of Ugly Sweaters

These pieces began to become famous in the United States and Canada, where every third Friday in December the National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, a celebration in which people put aside their ‘normal’ warm clothes to wear a fun sweater with elements alluding to the December celebrations, hence the eccentric designs.

Although the celebration was something local, a group of students from the University of California created a page to show off the ugliest that people wore during the celebration and it became a success that reached celebrities who joined the movement, until it was done. a hit international since 2011. Others attribute the beginning of the Ugly Sweaters to Bill Cosby, who in the 1980s appeared on their show wearing such garments.

Many say that the more elements the sweater has and the uglier it is, the better; but we cannot deny that many have a design that is the complete opposite of the initial concept and that they become ideal to add that fun touch to our looks to meet up with our friends.

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Where to buy Ugly Sweaters in Mexico

There are different places to buy these sweaters in our country, here we share some places where you can find them with different designs, from the most casual to the most fun.


It is one of our favorite places for all the designs they have. You can find for the whole family, from the smallest to the largest, with huge bear faces, or with a Santa Claus on a dinosaur. There are also other models that only have patterns and colors that refer to the time.

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