The paper house will return to Free Fire

The paper house will return to Free Fire

The Money Heist, the hit Netflix series, will return to Free Fire for its Episode Final: Raid and Run. Learn all the details below.

A new collaboration between La casa de papel and Free Fire was announced. The first one was released in Fall 2020, and received good feedback from fans. In this way, the successful Netflix series will return to the video game, from December 3 to December 14. This will happen in the Final Episode: Raid and Run in-game event.

“This second Free Fire x La casa de papel collaboration has been made thanks to the fantastic reception that the first crossover had last year. At Garena we are continually proposing new content that can excite our players and ways to introduce it into the Free Fire universe, and with this collaboration we intend to celebrate the union of both communities, both outside and inside the game ”, He said about the latest collaboration with the famous Netflix series, Harold Teo, Product Manager at Free Fire.

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Episodio Final: Raid and Run

The Professor returns to Bermuda with a mission: with the help of the players he will have to locate the gold and rescue the Free Fire squad, which has been captured during his last hit. Starting on December 3, the Survivors will finally be able to join forces with The Professor and the squad and, once freed, complete the final blow. To free the Free Fire squad and recover the gold, the Survivors will have to follow the Professor’s instructions and unlock various missions in the game.

The Final Episode: Raid and Run will offer new appearances, a new interface and various events on the Internet and social networks. As for the Netflix series, on December 3 it will premiere the second part of its fifth season, which marks the definitive end of the story.