“You are the person I want to know the most”: Nicole Peña’s message to her mother

“This one goes for you. All of them. Happy birthday, if you knew what I would do to celebrate you. Before I see you again I will grow up, we will meet again and celebrate all the dates and time lost in a clock without time,” he wrote in a story dedicated to her mom.

Monica Pretelini with Nicole Peña.

“We will talk a lot, finally you will also be my parakeet because you are the person I want to know the most and who knows me. I love you, “added the youngest daughter of the former Mexican president, alluding to the fact that her mother died when she was 6 years old and therefore, they were able to live together as much or know each other as we are sure, both would have wanted.

In the photo that accompanied the message we see a Nicole baby in the arms of Monica, who gives him an affectionate kiss on the cheek.

Monica Pretelini He died on January 11, 2007 around four in the afternoon due to cardiorespiratory arrest after an epileptic seizure.



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