She-Hulk returns to the look that made her famous

In recent years we have seen She-Hulk in the comics in a more voluminous and wild form, but that’s a thing of the past

Marvel Comics has changed She-Hulk to her more classic form, as the avenger transforms back to the look of the character that made her famous in the early ’90s.

Jennifer Walters has sported a more monstrous appearance for most of Jason Aaron’s stint in Avengers. However, in Avengers # 50, She-Hulk changes into an appearance that will usher in a new era for the character.

She-Hulk has been a prominent member of the current Avengers team, but has served more as a stand-in for her cousin, the Hulk, than as a fully developed character in her own right. She-Hulk was reinvented at the beginning of the current Avengers stage, becoming the size of the Hulk and more muscular than ever. While there’s nothing wrong with Marvel having She-Hulk embrace her rage and become a stronger, and literally bigger hero, the new look was more about aligning her with the former Hulk than bringing Jennifer to In a new direction, however, Marvel returned She-Hulk to his old John Byrne-inspired look. (Spoilers notice).

On Avengers No. 50 by Jason Aaron, Aaron Kuder, Javier Garron, Rafael Fonteriz, Ed McGuinness, Carlos Pacheco, David Curiel, Alex Sinclair, Matt Hollingsworth, Rachelle Rosenberg, David Baldeon and Israel Silva, Marvel Comics concludes the story of World War She-Hulk.

Return to the classic look of the character

The heroine ends up absorbing the Gamma Bomb that the Red Widow tried to use to destroy Atlantis, saving thousands of lives in the process. In doing so, however, he absorbs 68 megatons of Gamma Warhead, which travels through his body. With its pulsing gamma radiation, it enters a mysterious hideout within Avengers Mountain and lets out a powerful blast that lights the sky green. When She-Hulk reappears, he transforms into his most classic look.

Reverting She-Hulk to her classic look is a no-brainer, especially since Jennifer Walters will soon be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Keeping her big and bulky like Bruce Banner’s Hulk would have made her too similar to her cousin. Instead, Marvel is rebooting the character and making sure he stands out when his new TV series launches next year on Disney +.

A controversial aspect

She-Hulk’s transformation was extremely orderly given that the arc of the World War She-Hulk it would be a must-read event. Instead, it eventually faded away, quietly concluding in the anthology Avengers No. 50. Still, seeing Jennifer Walters downsize and revert to her old appearance is a welcome change as fans did not welcome the makeover so similar to that of her cousin. Bulky She-Hulk didn’t work out, and she often had little to do during her time with the Avengers. Now separated from the Avengers, She-Hulk can return to the courtroom and show readers what makes the character great again.