When Rami Malek pretended to be his twin, Sami Malek

In October 2018, her name was on everyone’s lips. Three years after the broadcast of the first images of “Mr. Robot”, the series that revealed him to the general public, Rami Malek is back in the spotlight with the biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Immediately, the success is final. His interpretation of singer Freddy Mercury bursts the screen and offers him a shower of nominations the following year. In January 2019, he was notably crowned with the Golden Globe for best actor in a dramatic film, propelling him to the rank of star that all-Hollywood is tearing off. It must be said that in addition to having a place of choice in the seventh art, the 40-year-old actor knows how to conquer his audience by slipping, here and there, anecdotes about his personal life. And more particularly on his double Sami Malek, which he had chosen to present during his coronation at the Golden Globes. Like Gisele Bündchen, Vin Diesel or Cole Sprouse, the actor indeed has a twin brother.

Rami Malek in the skin of his brother

And if no one suspected his existence until then, he who is a professor at the University of Michigan and lives far from the Hollywood effervescence, Sami Malek will undoubtedly arouse the curiosity of the fans. And for good reason, he is the spitting image of his brother. A disturbing resemblance that Rami Malek has enjoyed for years, as he has confided on several occasions during interviews. Invited on the set of the show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in 2015, he also admitted to having already passed himself off as his brother in order to take a theater exam, when they were in their twenties. “It could earn him bonus points so I went there (…) The teacher called Sami Malek, normally I would turn to him, but then I stood up. I played, and I enjoyed having an audience. And it worked ! “

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And the anecdotes don’t end there. During the release of the series “Mr. Robot”, Rami Malek also confided that his success had helped him with the fairer sex. Just like his brother Sami. “Before, I was often told that I had an atypical face, but now I am told that I am ‘exotic’. I like it, and I think he (his brother) likes it too! He said with humor.