Priyanka Chopra talks about her long-distance relationship with Nick Jonas: “It was tough”

This Tuesday, November 30, 2021, the model and actress Priyanka Chopra spoke about her marriage to Nick Jonas in the podcast “Ladies First With Laura Brown» d’InStyle. His secrets evoke the difficulties of a long-distance marriage during the pandemic but dispel recent rumors of a breakup that circulated on social networks after the name “Jonas” was removed from Priyanka’s username.

After attending the Fashion Awards a few days later on her husband’s arm, the former Miss World then spoke openly about her relationship with the youngest of the three “Jonas Brother”: “This year has been really, really difficult. . It was really, really hard to be away from home for a whole year, especially when you can’t travel to see your family, ”she said.

“We had to be careful”

The 39-year-old Indian actress went on to say that “the uncertainty of knowing that my mother and brother were in India, that my husband was in America while I was in the UK … There was so much of uncertainty and for me it was terrifying not being able to catch a flight and travel, just in case something went wrong or something happened. But luckily everyone was fine ”.

“We didn’t have a dramatic separation, but as he came and went, we had to be very careful,” she said before explaining: “He had to quarantine himself, and so do I. every time we saw each other at that time. And that’s usually not conducive to a production schedule because you don’t really have a lot of time. You only have two days off. ”

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The couple, married since December 2018, experienced a “really delicate” moment. “But we succeeded. He’s been on a plane a bunch of times, I’ve been on a plane twice. My mother came and stayed with me for almost five months, which was very nice ”.

To bridge the gap, the couple got into the habit of talking to each other every day. “We know each other’s hearts and we put each other first in everything we do. We have had individual careers and we are both very clear on the fact of never interfering in the professional life of the other because we are always partners ”explained the young woman.

“It is very important to keep an eye on another person’s heart and how they feel. And I have to say my husband is amazing at doing that, ”she said fondly of Nick. “Like I said, this year it was difficult for me to be in London. He would drop everything – he even came for a day – just to have dinner with me and catch the plane home. That kind of thing, you just have to put the other first and then you’re good.

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