Alec Baldwin’s shot: the armourer of “Rust” confesses

On October 21, a tragedy occurred in New Mexico. As actor Alec Baldwin shoots a scene from the movie “Rust,” in which he has to empty his gun, he accidentally shoots two people from the crew. The weapon used, supposed to be unloaded, finally contains real bullets. Its shot causes the death of director of photography, Halyna Hutchins, and seriously injures the director of the feature film, Joel Souza. Since then, a police investigation has been opened to find out how this gun ended up loaded with live ammunition, without the actor being informed. The latter is now the subject of several complaints and is accused of having engaged in “dangerous behavior” and “having been negligent”. Although he pulled the trigger, Alec Baldwin is far from the only member of the team involved in this affair. Hannah Gutteriez-Reed, the armourer of the film “Rust”, is also concerned.

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“I haven’t really checked the weapon”

Hannah Gutierrez is the armourer of the shoot. It was she who prepared the weapons used during the scenes. The 24-year-old young woman is also the one who recovered the weapon after the tragedy, and who collected the used cartridge, before handing these pieces to the police officers. If she always assured to have done her job correctly, during her last interrogation, she added some details on the day of the tragedy. For the first time, she admits to being negligent in checking the weapon before it was used by the actor. She told agents at the Santa Fe sheriff’s office that she loaded the revolver with five dummy cartridges, before going on her lunch break. She would then have placed the weapon in a safe during her absence. Upon her return, she adds a sixth round to the revolver before handing it to another member of the team to be brought to the set. A few minutes later, Alec Baldwin shoots. She says she heard the detonation. But what the investigators retain are his words reported by the “AFP”: “I did not really check much. [l’arme]. »Having left the weapon in a locked safe during her lunch, Hannah Gutteriez-Reed therefore does not bother to check it before adding a cartridge and sending it on the shelf. For them, all the ammunition contained in the revolver was therefore fictitious. Only one question remains: how could a real bullet have been introduced into this weapon and on the set of the film?

A planned track

500 ammunition was seized by the police during the shooting of the film. Some are blank cartridges, some are dummy, and some look real. Their use is however prohibited on filming in the United States. The investigators were therefore interested in the suppliers of these balls. One of them, Seth Kenney, claims to have potentially sold the “Rust” team of hand-assembled ammunition. On these, appears the same logo as that found on the cartridge that caused the death of Halyna Hutchins. Another witness who is none other than the father of gunsmith Hannah Gutteriez-Reed, Thell Reed, also a gunsmith, says he supplied Seth Kenney with homemade live ammunition for the needs of an old film. He declares that the latter never returned them to him. The investigation is continuing to determine the real origin of this fatal bullet.