Extra comfortable and extra cool shoes that you need in your closet

White Sneakers

White tennis shoes are a must In your wardrobe, they combine with absolutely everything, from jeans, skirts or even a tailored suit to give it a youthful touch.

They are super versatile, for this season you can wear them with leather pants, something with sequin or even a long coat, we assure you that this pair will get you out of trouble and the best thing is that you can walk for hours without feeling fatigued.

Do not worry! They are valid to take them to all the dinners and meetings you have, yes, all of them!

Boots or booties

For the cold season some black boots will keep you protected from the cold, they stylize your figure by the heel and the best thing is that it is a classic style and you can include them to your look usually. This silhouette can be combined with jeans, dress pants, midi dresses and long sweaters or turtlenecks for a Christmas dinner or even going out to eat with your friends.

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Here the most important thing is to look for models that have insoles and interiors that give comfort to your feet, square heels will give you height without sacrificing your comfort.

Ankle boots are a great option to combine and walk.

If you prefer zero heel flat, then opt for a type combat boots, which you can also wear with dresses and jeans. Do not be fooled by the thick soles, as many of the models are quite light and comfortable to walk for hours.

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