Brad Pitt could sign for Star Trek

Actor Brad Pitt is one of the biggest Hollywood stars out there, but he has yet to appear in any of the most important sagas such as Star Trek.

Brad Pitt has an impressive filmography and has also won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor on Once upon a time in hollywood (2019), but now he is looking for something new and different than what he has done throughout his career. So you could join a new project of Star Trek, which would be somewhat shocking.

The funny thing is that Star Trek is growing a lot in streaming with series like Lower Decks, Discovery O Pickard. While the plans for the cinema are still a bit stagnant. But if they manage to sign Brad Pitt, sure they generate a lot of expectation.

In what movie could we see it?

One option would be Star Trek 4, where they wanted to make a temporary trip and the Capitán Kirk (Chris Pine), he would meet his deceased father George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth), who would be joined Brad Pitt. What it would be like to gather a lot of talent in this fourth installment, which he would probably produce again J.J Abrams, although surely they would look for another director.

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Another option is for the movie I wanted to make to go ahead. Quentin Tarantino, with which he agreed on Once upon a time in hollywood and they are supposedly quite friends. This story will supposedly also have trips to the past and there will be gangster scenes from the 1930s. The script was by Mark L. Smith responsible of Room without exit (2007) and The Revenant (2015).

While the signing of Brad Pitt by Star Trek, the actor will make other movies like The Lost City with Sandra Bullock, the story about a novelist who gets lost in the jungle with her model on the covers of her books. Bullet Train where 5 hit men are on the same train with a similar mission. Finally will do Babylon from Damien Chazelle, where he will meet again with Margot Robbie.

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