They reveal shocking images of Jason Momoa as The Raven

Actor Jason Momoa was about to star in the reboot of El Cuervo (The Crow) and so we would have seen in the movies.

A few years ago, the director Corin Hardy (The Hallow, Gangs of London) was about to make a new installment of The Raven. The actor chosen to play the lead was Jason Momoa, at that time caused some controversy, since everyone had in mind some of its best known characters as Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones and Aquaman from DC Comics. But in the images that we leave you below we can see that it would be a shocking Eric Draven.

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Why didn’t they make the movie?

When everything was ready to start filming on September 11, 2019, SONY production stopped. The reason was that it had strong creative and financial differences with Davis Films from Samuel Hadida (Solomon Kane), who are the ones who have the film rights to the character. After they could not reach an agreement, the director Corin Hardy and the actor Jason Momoa they left the movie. Since then, we have not heard from this project. But, it’s an interesting enough story that one day they will dare to reboot.

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What is El Cuervo about?

Based on the comic by James O’Barr, the plot centers on a young couple formed by Eric and Shelly who are attacked by a gang. He dies, but she is savagely beaten and raped even though she manages to survive the assault. Some time later, a raven resurrects Eric and seeks revenge against those who killed him.

In 1994 they made a free adaptation of The Raven directed by Alex Proyas and starring Brandon Lee. It is considered a cult film, due to its gothic aesthetics and because the protagonist, son of the mythical Bruce Lee, died on the set when a real bullet hit his body.

I did not see Jason Momoa on The Raven, but it is clear that after seeing these shocking images my opinion has changed.