Alizée celebrates the 2 years of her daughter Maggy, adorable photos revealed

Alizée and Grégoire Lyonnet’s daughter, Maggy, celebrated her second birthday on Wednesday.

Festive week for Alizée and her family. On Wednesday November 24, 2021, the 37-year-old singer celebrated the second birthday of her little Maggy. On Instagram, the young mother posted a new photo of her with her daughter. “2 years of you. Happy birthday my lovely dumpling. How lucky to have you in our lives, ”she wrote.

Alizée’s eldest daughter, Annily (16), for her part, delighted Internet users by broadcasting five adorable pictures of Maggy in front of her birthday cake. The opportunity to see that the little one looks like two drops of water to her mother and her big sister. “2 my dumpling #jetaime,” the teenager wrote.

“My joy of living”

Grégoire Lyonnet also had a virtual word for his daughter’s 2nd birthday. “Happy birthday my daughter, my joy of living, my most beautiful trophy, my biggest project, my little miracle, my angel and my demon! Thank you my love @alizeeofficiel for the best gift I have been given! ”Wrote the 35-year-old choreographer. His message accompanied a cliché accomplice of Alizée and Maggy aboard a merry-go-round.

Alizée and Grégoire Lyonnet have loved each other for eight years. They celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary last June.

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