Ana Bárbara’s harsh confession about her eating disorders

The rump star said her eating problem didn’t have so much to do with a desire to look pretty. “It is abandonment that you feel with yourself, abandonment of your parents, traumas and many emotional things that intertwine and lead to that. I started, but I was able to carry it for many years, let’s say ‘good’ because I’m alive. But disorders kill. Badly managed mental illnesses destroy “, he assured.

Ana Bárbara reveals that she suffered from anorexia and bulimia.

The also producer told the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda who went through various disorders, among them “anorexia, then mutated to bulimia, at a certain age, especially in my first pregnancy, because in between they disgust you. I had to undergo treatment ”.

Ana Bárbara had to be admitted to a specialized clinic in Spain.

One of his worst crises came when he divorced José María Fernández “Pirru”, he even weighed 57 kilos, a very low weight for someone with the height of Ana Barbara, 1.75 mts. Realizing how bad she was and thus, newly divorced, she knew she urgently needed help.

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