Maite Perroni denies pregnancy

On the other hand, Maite Perroni He told us that he just signed with Equal, the only platform that creates content in Spanish for the Latino community in Mexico. With them, she will produce various projects, which has her very excited.

Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar

“I have just signed a contract with Pantaya that will allow us to collaborate together to produce content for the platform, which is the first and only platform that generates content in Spanish for the Latino community in the United States in partnership with other platforms that allow us to potentiate it. that they produce.

“For me it is a challenge and a great responsibility that fills me with enthusiasm and makes me very proud to be part of that team of people who want to generate content that makes an impact on our community.”

The singer stressed that this is not the first time she has been behind a camera, as she was a producer in Spain.

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“It is not the first time that I get involved in a project as a producer. I had already done it before with a film in co-production with Chris Hool. Now it is to return from an experience already lived, but with a new challenge and obviously facing everything that represents, not only as an actress but from the creation of content, the realization, assembling the team, finding the important elements to be able to take it to the best level, to be able to have a quality project that we can share internationally and obviously surround ourselves with people who can add and that with his talent he can contribute so that we can make the best versions of stories that we can tell you and it is a challenge and a very great satisfaction to be able to be a Mexican woman in search of something more to be able to contribute something in my society and in my community, “he concluded.

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