Gloria and Emilio Estefan reveal the secret to keep the spark of love alive

That’s where it all began, 45 years ago now, as they narrated in this program of conversations in English between Gloria, the television presenter Lili Estefan, Emilio’s niece, and Emily, the marriage’s youngest daughter, on different topics.

“I didn’t think I would get married. I had to take care of my dad, I had so many responsibilities when I was a child. I wanted to live, I wanted to study, I wanted to travel … I wanted to study diplomacy and international law. It was never on my mind … oh, I want to. get married. What happened? Destiny, “confessed singer Gloria Estefan.

When they met Emilio was leading the band The Miami Latin Boys and later created Miami Sound Machine, whose vocalist was Gloria.

Today’s music producer revealed in the conversation that Gloria’s mother was tough on him before they got married. “He used to slam the door in my face,” he recalled.

“We dated for two years and then he gives me this ring. I think he thought that would automatically change my mother … oh no. It was worse,” the artist explained.

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Gloria Estefan confessed that for thirty-odd years they had “sexual relations more than three times a week. Once you have children, things are a little more complicated,” she pointed out.

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