The unprecedented situation in which Delphine of Belgium puts the monarchy

“I feel weak and slow,” he stressed Delphine of his performance in rehearsals, a few days before his long-awaited debut on the small screen, which has everyone very attentive. He also wanted to share that this decision to participate “I have thought about it for a long time” and, above all, that “I am terrified of being on television.”

Boël will compete alongside the dancer Sander Bos, with a beneficial purpose: to support the association Make a Wish, which tries to fulfill the wishes of children who are sick. “I really wanted to support the excellent work of the foundation. They celebrate life trying to unleash the powers of healing, hope and love,” he said.

Delphine Boël y Sander Bos
Delphine Boël will compete alongside the dancer Sander Bos for a charitable purpose.

Delphine He explained that the cause is very important to him: “I cannot bear to see children with serious illnesses lose their childhood, and I also feel bad for the families who have to live these hard times. Our commitment is to make them forget for a moment about that they are sick and that they may be normal children. “

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The debate is open, while the most conservative believe that it is inappropriate for its new status as part of the Royal House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha that is part of a television show; the most open think that it is a good opportunity to bring the Belgian monarchy closer to its people.



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