Taylor Swift finally reveals why she broke up with Jake Gyllenhaal

Now an extended version of the song has just been released that lasts ten minutes and includes a verse that would finally reveal why they broke up sometime in the last months of 2010, after the paparazzi photographed them walking very caramelized through the streets of Nueva York.

“They say that all is well that ends well / but I am in a new hell / every time you fool my mind / You said that if we had been closer in age maybe it would have turned out well / And that made me want to die,” he says the singer in a new verse. At the time they met, Taylor was 20 and Jake 29, a considerable age difference that seems to have turned out to be too much for the famous interpreter.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

The artist herself confirmed in a new interview with Jimmy Fallon that All Too Well was born while going through “a sad time” when he was 21 years old and he composed it on the fly during a rehearsal session prior to his tour Speak Now Tour.

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