This is how the premiere of ‘Unstoppable School’ was experienced in Nowhere by Grupo Expansión

To celebrate this launch, the protagonists of this incredible project were invited to an exclusive cocktail party to enjoy the first chapter, completely live, with an unbeatable atmosphere in the facilities of Nowhere of Grupo Expansión.

The appointment was attended Carmen villalobos, hostess of the program, the participating entrepreneurs and the mentors of Unstoppable school; a group of leading Latin American businesswomen who will share their knowledge and skills with the contestants to promote their projects.

Blanca Juana Gómez Morera, General Director of Expansión Publishing, is one of the mentors of the reality show,

Blanca Juana Gómez Morera, CEO of Expansión Publishing and one of the mentors of the reality, spoke of the importance of joining these types of projects that seek to empower women.

“The talent and intelligence that came together in this program is a jewel. We have the responsibility to tell those stories and join in everything that promotes and makes women a real part of the economic reactivation of this country and the region. That is Grupo Expansión’s commitment, “he commented. Gomez Morera.

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