Who are the victims of the deadly mob movement at Astroworld?

Eight people, aged 14 to 27, were killed in a mob movement during the Astroworld festival on Friday in Houston.

They had been waiting for this event for months. But it ended dramatically. Eight people, young people aged 14 to 27, lost their lives in the crowd movement that occurred in the middle of Travis Scott’s concert, during the Astroworld festival, which he had organized in Houston (Texas). The relatives of seven of them have spoken since the tragedy.

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The youngest of the victims is John Hilgert. The 14-year-old, from Memorial High School, had come early Friday to make sure he was well placed to attend the concerts, accompanied by a few friends. “Everything about that evening was a tragedy. John was a good student, a sportsman and so polite. He was the sweetest and brightest young man, ”recalled from“Houston ChronicleTracy Faulkner, whose son Robby was with John at the concert. “They were both in the same place at the same time, one came in and we will never see the other again,” she lamented. She regrets having bought her son a place for this festival as a gift for his birthday: “I thought it would be a great rodeo. But now, as a parent, I ask myself: “But what was I thinking?” “

“They should have stopped the concert as soon as it happened”

A second minor was killed during the event: Brianna Rodriguez, 16 years old. The teenager, a student at Heights High School, was passionate about dancing. Her father Oswaldo posted a message on social media: “You were lighting up our home. With your music, your dance, and above all your presence. Rest in peace my baby. Dad will see you soon. ” His dance troupe was to perform on Saturday, but canceled its performance upon learning of the death of the one who “always brought energy to the team”, in the words of her comrade Julia Hasbrouck, interviewed by ABC13. Students at Heights High School are due to reunite this Monday to honor Brianna’s memory. An online jackpot created to help his family finance his funeral raised, this Monday noon, nearly 50,000 dollars.

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Jacob Jurink and Franco Patiño, two friends aged 20 and 21, had traveled together from the University of Southern Illinois to participate in the concert. The family of the first, passionate about art and employed in the sports department of the university, welcomed in a statement quoted by NBC Chicago a young man known for “his contagious enthusiasm, his boundless energy and his decidedly positive attitude”. He had been particularly close to his father Ron since his mother’s death in 2011: “Over the past decade, Jake and Ron have been inseparable, attending White Sox and Blackhawks games, sharing a passion for professional wrestling and spending their time. weekends with family and friends at Jake’s favorite place, the family cottage in southwest Michigan.

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His friend Franco, a mechanical engineering student had “a big heart”, in the words of his brother Julio at “New York Times“. He described a sporty young man, playing American football, rugby and wrestling. “It should never have happened,” added Julio Patino Jr, lamenting the eight deaths. “There should be more regulations to prevent this in the future. They should have stopped the concert as soon as it happened. ”

An “angry” family

Axel Acosta was identified by his relatives after a photo was shared by the authorities, who described him as “a young man in his twenties, measuring 1m88, weighing 225 kilos, with short wavy dark chestnut or brown hair, with a mustache and a goatee”. The young man, apparently alone at the concert, had just turned 21 and was a student at West Washington University (WWU) in computer science. “By all accounts, Axel was a young man with a promising future. We extend our condolences to his family on this very sad day, ”said Melynda Huskey, WWU Vice President of Student Services.

Jennifer Peña, Rudy Peña’s older sister, explained to “Rolling Stone»That his 23 year old brother was« the nicest person, always there for everyone »:« He loved being close to his friends and family. He was helping a lot. He was still smiling. He came to me for advice, I loved it. ” The young woman expressed the “anger” of the family, which had gathered again the previous Sunday for a traditional weekly meal. Over $ 18,000 was raised on an online jackpot to help the Peña family provide a funeral for the young man from Laredo, Texas.

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At 27, Mirza Danish Baig was the oldest of the seven victims so far identified. Originally from Euless, a town in North Texas located nearly four hours drive from Houston, he came to the concert with his brother Basil, who paid him a heartfelt tribute on Facebook: “You were my role model and I am in so much pain. . […] Your bravery and courage will never be forgotten, ”he wrote. The bereaved brother explained to ABC13 that “people started hitting, forcing their way and doing horrible things to each other”: “We couldn’t breathe,” he recalled. Ammar Baig, his older brother, explained to “People“That Mirza had done everything to protect his fiancée Olivia Swingle, caught in the crowd movement:” The ambulance managed to get to her, then to him, they tried to resuscitate him. They said he died before they got to the hospital. ” The young man, who arrived in the United States with his Pakistani family when he was just a baby, was buried on Sunday.

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