Tragedy at the Astroworld festival: gifted rapper and king of marketing, who is Travis Scott?

We survived Travis!“, proudly launches a young fan in the documentary Travis Scott : Look Mom I Can Fly, available on Netflix. Further on, another proudly shows off his wounds on camera after an apocalyptic concert. Looking at these images after Friday’s drama at the Astroworld Festival is as enlightening as it is frightening. Informative because it helps to understand how the Houston rapper blamed himself by developing gigs arrogantly flirting with safety boundaries.

Shocking when we discover that the character, whether he is considered hyper naive or horribly calculating, had already been arrested and fined for similar facts in recent years. Always bigger, always crazier, always more violent… Nothing and nobody seemed to resist until then to the wave Travis Scott. With 8 dead and more than 300 injured, the November 5 concert marks, if not the end, a turning point in the career of an icon of her time.

Born in Houston in 1991, Travis Scott is actually named Jacques Bermon Webster II. Son of an entrepreneur who is also a jazz musician and a mother employed at Apple, he is the eldest of twins Joshua and Jordan, with whom he lived until the age of 6 with their grandmother in the neighborhood. poor South Park, 80% African American. In his well-run storytelling, the future rapper suggests that there was nurtured a relentless desire to rise in society. Which does not mean either that he lived in the street …

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After continuing his education in Missouri City, where he is considered a gifted but somewhat turbulent student, he entered the University of San Antonio. Twist: he decides to give up everything in second year to devote himself to music. Here again, legend has it that his parents cut off his food and that he then sailed between New York and Los Angeles, depending on the meetings.

A mutant rapper that everyone is tearing off

Borrowing the first name of his uncle Travis and that of Scott Mescudi, alias Kid Cudi, his favorite rapper, the prodigy invents a nickname and seduces as much by his sometimes nonchalant, sometimes percussive flow, as by his talents as a producer, injecting guitars rock, electro sounds and a good swig of autotune to its changing hip-hop. As a bonus, a dark and futuristic visual universe that sets him apart from the mass of his colleagues.

After performing with various duos, he went solo in 2012 with a first mixtape called Owl Pharaoh which sets the profession in turmoil. Everyone wants to work with him and the album Rodeo, which appears three years later, benefits from the presence of The Weeknd, Justin Bieber and Kanye West in person. Follow Birds in The Trap Sing McKnight, the Huncho Jack collaboration with Quavo de Migos before AstroWorld, the album of the consecration in 2018, multi-nominated at the Grammy Awards.

Cushions in the shape of nuggets

It was that year that the rapper launched the first edition of a festival that bears the name of the record, itself a tribute to the amusement park he attended as a child before it closed in 2005 after going bankrupt. On the cover, shot by David LaChapelle, a giant head of the rapper welcomes visitors to this temple of excess, the ultimate stone of a company that goes beyond the simple framework of music.

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Travis Scott is the very definition of weight in pop cultureMcDonald’s marketing director Morgan Fatley said in 2020. For the first time since Michael Jordan in 1992, the fast-food giant named one of its menus after a celebrity. Take the opportunity to sell nugget-shaped cushions at 90 dollars each.

A man of taste, Travis Scott drives a Lamborghini, admires the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and dresses in major luxury brands. The house of Dior adores it and its artistic director Kim Jones designs with him a collection of ready-to-wear for men, unveiled last summer at Paris Fashion Week. An association that is not unlike that of Kanye West with Balenciaga, another chic brand converted to streetwear a little toc.

The two men also have in common to be part of the incredible Kardashian clan since the Houston rapper has shared the life of Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s half-sister, since spring 2017. Less than a year later, the young influencer gives birth to a baby girl, Stormi Webster. After a brief separation, the couple found themselves at the start of the first confinement. Coincidence or coincidence? Last September, they announced to their millions of subscribers the upcoming arrival of a second child.

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Difficult to measure the impact, in the short term, of the tragedy on the projects of Travis Scott. If his direct responsibility is proven – this is the meaning of the first complaint filed a few hours ago by one of the many injured – will the music industry turn its back on him as quickly as it does? reach at its peak? Expected next weekend at the Day N Vegas festival, he is one of the headliners of the Coachella barnum, next April.

In either case, the organizers will have no trouble closing the door to an artist whose mea culpa, posted on Instagram a few hours after the tragedy, seemed very light. Finally what about the album Utopia, in gestation for many months? Its exit, imminent, could also have lead in the wing …

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