Clémentine Célarié recovered from cancer: her touching secrets

Clémentine Célarié revealed on Thursday that she had secretly overcome colon cancer.

Clémentine Célarié has come a long way. Her fans were unaware of her, but the 64-year-old actress fought with strength and courage against colon cancer from which she has now recovered. A struggle that she evokes in detail in her autobiographical book “The forbidden words”, which appears this Thursday by Albin Michel editions. “I would like these words to be strong for all those who have near or far, seriously or not, approached cancer. Let these words be like paving stones thrown against hypocrisy, taboos and pretense. It is not cancer that I want to talk about, but what it has caused, the good it has given rise to ”, she said. in the synopsis of the book.

Thursday, November 4, 2021, the actress was interviewed on RTL to evoke his fight against the disease. Clémentine Célarié thus revealed that she had chosen to write this book to do a kind of “therapy”, comparing it to a “drug”, addressing the public with honesty and spontaneity to tell everything, from the operation to the chemotherapy, going through remission. A desire on his part to “hide nothing” and to put an end to “hypocrisy”, the taboo of the disease. “Truth drives forward, I’m convinced of that. Just because we are going to say we have “caught” cancer does not mean that someone is going to catch it. There are people who are afraid of that. Just because you have cancer doesn’t mean you die of it, you know what I’m talking about? (laughs) Sometimes people look at you like you’re dead, but no you’re not dead, you’re there. And then that’s all. (…) We are not educated, and that’s why I wanted to tell the truth, it helps people move forward and I needed it. If we remain in hypocrisy, well of course we do not risk anything! But it’s a shame because it doesn’t help to heal. So what I mean is that the truth, I think, can heal, ”she said.

“The producers won’t want to hire you anymore”

Clémentine Célarié then explained that some people had advised her to keep quiet about her state of health. “The producers won’t want to hire you anymore,” she was told from the words she wrote on paper. “It says a lot … But that’s how it is, you have to deal with it. (…) I didn’t want to say it too soon. Because I’m on tour right now (in Maupassant’s play “Une Vie” at the Mathurins theater, editor’s note), throughout France, and I’m having a fantastic experience. (…) I wanted to reveal it in a book so that it would be quite an adventure, not for it to be a sensational anecdote (…) I wanted to tell this thing, and I didn’t want people on tour be afraid, ”she continued on RTL.

The actress then passed over her illness in silence, camouflaging herself in particular under wigs. The crisis of the yellow vests and the coronavirus, which caused the closure of theaters, were pretexts to allow him to hide from the public, “lies” which weighed on his shoulders. But today she is ready to tell her truth to this audience that has supported her for more than 30 years. Does she apprehend his reaction? “No, but what I ask them is not to look at me with an air of pity but of envy. I consider that I was extremely lucky to live this ordeal and to come out of it. Because this light that it brought to me, this ray of energy … It’s crazy. It is something exceptional. (…) What does not kill makes you stronger, it’s true, ”she concluded.

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