“Shocked and sad”: the assistant who gave the gun to Alec Baldwin finally speaks out

He is one of the two technicians at the heart of the investigation into the death of director of photography Halyna Hutchins, killed by actor Alec Baldwin. A few days after the armourer Hannah Gutierez, it is the turn of the assistant director of David Halls to react to the drama, which occurred on October 21 on the set of the film. Rust in New Mexico.

In a press release sent to New York Post, whoever gave Alec Baldwin the gun is like “shocked and sad“but does not comment on the drama or its role.”Halyna Hutchins was not only one of the most talented people I worked with, she was also a friend.“he writes. “I hope this tragedy will prompt the industry to review its values ​​and practices” to prevent such a tragedy from happening again, adds David Halls.

After the tragedy, this experienced professional had been criticized by former colleagues, denouncing his lack of respect for safety standards. Speaking to CNN, production of the film Freedom’s Path revealed that he had fired David Halls following the gunshot wound of a crew member on set in 2019.

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Last Friday, it was the gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez who was the first to come out of the silence through her lawyers. “Hannah doesn’t know where these live bullets come from“, could we read in a press release responding to rumors about the responsibility of the young woman in the drama.”She has never seen anyone shoot live ammunition with these pistols and she never would have allowed it“.

David Halls and Hannah Gutierrez have collaborated from the start in the investigation carried out by the Santa Fe police. During his hearing, the former explained that the latter showed him the weapon brought to the set after the break and said he remembers to have seen three cartridges “dummy“in the barrel.”He admits he should have checked them all but didn’t“, writes an investigator in his report.

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