Halyna Hutchins’ last words before she died

Alec has been in constant contact with the police. This was reported over the weekend, when facing the press that followed him to Vermont, where he spends a few days off with Hilaria Baldwin, his wife, and their six children. The 63-year-old actor was clear when mentioning his collaboration with the police and emphasizing that Halyna was his friend.

PREMIUM EXC Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin reappeared in front of the media over the weekend.

All the media insist on collecting data that can decipher the tragic incident and even point out where or who made the blunder of making real bullets available to the film. But the latest data on this ordeal focused on the last moments of Hutchins’ life.

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The cinematographer was friends with actor Alec Baldwin.

According to him L.A. Times, Halyna would have kept her good mood with her team after receiving the bullet impact that hit her chest. “That was not right, that was not right at all,” would have been the phrase she repeated in front of her production team who came to help her before the ambulance arrived. Early reports claim that Hutchins staggered backward and fell into the arms of Souza, also injured.

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