The Eternals’ Don Lee welcomes compatriot Park Seo-Joon to MCU

Don Lee, who plays Gilgamesh in The Eternals, referred to the arrival of a compatriot of his in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This said the actor.

The Eternals, the next big bet of Marvel Cinematic Universe, has yet to be released in theaters globally. However, the film has been greatly exposed by critics and ranks as the worst film in the franchise, even below others such as Thor, a dark world. Even so, some point out that these comments have been made by those more conservative, opposing the inclusion made.

The film opened the way for heroic characters of various races, sexual orientation, and even physical limitations. One of them is Gilgamesh, a new Asian hero for the cinema of ‘La Casa de las Ideas’.

The eternal was played by the Korean actor Don Lee. In addition, the arrival of another character of the same nationality is expected, which will appear in The Marvels, but his identity has not been disclosed. Lee spoke of the arrival of his compatriot, the actor Park Seo-joon to said universe.

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A fraternal welcome

Park Seo-joon is a very good friend of mine. He is my little brother and we are very close. I congratulate you, I am very happy to see that you will be part of the UCM«He mentioned.

As it is, the star of The Eternals asks that this inclusion of talent from their country can continue to be Hollywood.

There are some very talented actors and filmmakers in Korea, not only in Korea, but all over the world. Korean actors and filmmakers who need more opportunities to be seen and really shine on the world stage«He added.

«I definitely see the wind blowing in the right way for Korean talent so I’m very happy to see that and hope more Asian content is shown around the world.«Commented the interpreter.

Thus, Lee’s work can be seen from November 5, when The Eternals opens in theaters.

Source: Geek Culture

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