New trailer and details about Hawkeye released

Hawkeye, the next series from Marvel Studios and Disney +, is a few days away from being released and a new advance has arrived to warm the atmosphere around it.

Marvel Studios continues with its efforts to build Phase 4. For this, the production company has released some films that encompass the theme of the multiverse or explore in more depth the history of classic and new characters in the franchise. For example in Black Widow the history of Natasha, but it was introduced to Yelena belova, his sister, who will follow Hawkeye, believing that he is the murderer of his dear relative.

The latter and the recruitment of the Widow by the Countess Valentina Allegra de Fontaine will be part of the plot of the series of Clint Barton. In the production, the archer will be accompanied by the young Kate Bishop, who will spend their Christmas season in justice work.

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Less than a month after his arrival, the production company premiered a trailer plus. In addition, he was asked Jeremy Renner, its protagonist, on a very specific aspect. The actor was questioned as to whether his character will wear hearing aids, as well as in the comics, for having lost part of his hearing in the battles against Crossfire.

“Yes, We use comics a lot as the basis for the look and format of the series”, He mentioned when asked about it.

Is actual. Yes. I can tell you that it develops more or less as it opens. It’s kind of a festive event, so to speak.

Takes place in New York, during the period of time in which it is released. Not that it’s in real time or anything like that, but it takes place over a week in New York In Christmas”, Concluded the interpreter.

In this way, the program will reach the catalog of Disney+ November 24. The publication will begin with the presentation of two episodes together. After that, a weekly delivery will be released.

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