The movie A Quiet Place will have its own video game

The successful franchise A peaceful place it expands. Now, it joins the world of video games and will have its own title. Discover all the details below.

John Krasinski created in 2018 an extremely captivating story, which managed to conquer specialized critics and viewers around the world. This is A Quiet Place, which became one of the most acclaimed and acclaimed films in the horror and science fiction genres. The story takes us into a world, which is completely invaded by deadly aliens who are guided by sounds, where a family will try to fight and survive together with their children; the less noise they make, the safer they will be. Due to the great popularity it received worldwide, the film released a sequel in 2020. Due to Covid-19, many countries were only able to enjoy and see it in 2021.

In the second film of A Quiet Place, John Krasinski once again opts for the same dynamic. However, the story does not become boring or predictable at any time, quite the opposite. With the same characters and also with some new ones, like the one played by Cillian Murphy, the film managed to place itself at the top again and reached the expectations of all viewers. Due to its enormous success with its two installments, the franchise is preparing for a new challenge and to launch a new project. What is it about? It was revealed that he will have his own video game. We tell you all the details about it below.

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A video game on the way

The news is quite recent, therefore there is not much information about this new video game that will have A peaceful place. Behind this ambitious project are the iLLOGIKA, Eidos Montréal and Ubisoft studios, who are working hard to launch a title inspired by this incredible world of terror. Regarding the release date, a specific day is not known. However, if the plans go well and there are no downsides along the way, the game could arrive sometime in 2022.

“A chilling new video game. Experience a survival story never told in the universe of A Quiet Place “, you can read in the description available on the page. “This first official video game, set in the terrifying universe of A Quiet Place, will deliver original story and gameplay that will capture the suspense, emotion and drama for which the film is famous.”, said Sabre Interactive, another of the developers, in a statement. Apparently, this new video game could introduce us to new characters and even a new story, which will be linked to the world that the film presented to us.

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