“They will never take away our freedom!” : actor Jim Caviezel quotes “Braveheart” at QAnon rally

He played Jesus in The Passion of Christ. But it was another Mel Gibson film that Jim Caviezel referred to when he attended a meeting of the QAnon conspiracy movement last weekend in Las Vegas. In front of the crowd, the actor of 53 years has indeed taken again the famous tirade of William Wallace, the hero of Braveheart, when he addressed the Scottish soldiers before facing the English invader at the risk of their lives.

Fight back and you might die. Run away and you will live, at least for a while. And one day, on your deathbeds, many years will have passed and maybe you will regret that you cannot exchange all your sad spared lives for a chance, a little chance to come back here and kill our enemies, because they can help us. take away life, but they will never take away our freedom!“, launches the one who, in September 2020, estimated that American Catholics were persecuted, because the confinement prevented them from going to mass.

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During this speech, we also hear him say: “We are going to meet the storm of all storms. Yes the storm is among us. “According to the American media, the storm refers, in QAnon jargon, to a hypothetical return of Donald Trump to oust the satanic sect that would now control America.

The video, which loops on social networks, arouses many comments across the Atlantic. Actor Kirk Acevedo, who starred with Jim Caviezel in The Red line, posted this message to the attention of his former colleague:

Can we be so different after all these years? We ran together, we played basketball together, we worked together in film and television. Am I now a henchman in Lucifer’s army? Your words are dangerous and full of hate.”

Coming from a conservative Catholic family, Jim Caviezel started out in My Own Private Idaho by Gus Van Sant, in 1991. We then see him in Wyatt Earp de Lawrence Kasdan, The Rock by Michael Bay or The Red line by Terrence Malick. In 2004, he landed the role of his life, that of Jesus in The passion of Christ by Mel Gibson. A borderline experience in which he suffered from pneumonia, dislocated a shoulder, and was even struck by lightning.

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Despite its violence, which will cause much discomfort in theaters, the film will generate more than $ 600 million in box office revenue. Jim Caviezel will not be nominated for an Oscar. But he will be received by Pope John Paul II at the Vatican, impressed by his performance.

Subsequently he will be, from 2011 to 2016, in the series Person of Interest, broadcast in France on TF1. But his CV seems to suffer from his personal commitments. A fierce opponent of abortion, he also militates against any form of research on embryonic stem cells. “Too bad if being pro-life harms my career“, he said at a conference in Boston in 2016.”I can’t keep silent about the death of so many children“.

The pandemic visibly uninhibited the actor. Last April, he participated for the first time in a demonstration of the QAnon movement, a conference entitled “Health and Freedom” in Tulsa, Oklahoma where protective masks against Covid-19 were burned to the cheers of the crowd.

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