Namadia eliminated from “Koh-Lanta”: “In this adventure, kindness can be a fault”

End of game for Namadia. After his first participation in “Koh-Lanta” in Malaysia in 2012, the taxi driver of Val-de-Marne was eliminated Tuesday, October 26 from the all-stars edition in Polynesia. Defeated by Coumba in the arena of the Isle of the Outcast, he still holds the advice that was fatal to him last week in his throat.

Does being eliminated during an event against Coumba lessen your disappointment?

It alleviates the disappointment yes, because Coumba remains a sister to me. I’d rather it end like this than face one of the girls who took me out to the board in the previous episode. I would have had a harder time accepting.

During the council, you said you saw nothing coming. Is this really the case?

Yes really. At no time do I imagine that Clémence will give her immunity amulet to Alix. While with Alexandra, Alix participated in the elimination of Clémentine, a great friend of Clémence, by breaking the alliance of the girls! I never suspected it. And I suspected even less that Alexandra was going to vote against me! So it was a double surprise.

Clémence proposed to Alix and Alexandra to vote Claude. So why didn’t they vote for Claude? – Namadia

During this council, several candidates criticized Alexandra for voting against you. But we can understand that she has affinities with Alix, since they made “Koh-Lanta: the 4 Lands” together. Isn’t that kind of choice part of the game?

It’s part of the game, it’s true. We have to make choices, of course. Except that Clémence proposed to Alix and Alexandra to vote Claude. So why didn’t they vote for Claude? Claude is yellow, Claude did not fight with them in the trials, Claude did not do everything to ensure that they were not eliminated from the board… Why not him? Because there is less impact by voting against me than against him?

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Claude is the one to blame, right?

Oh no, why would I blame Claude? He’s playing his game. As long as no one dares to eliminate him, he’s not going to say “excuse the red ones, can you kill me please?“Anyway he did well since his name came out but the girls said”No, not Claude!“.

To some I say, “Do strategy, okay. But do it neatly!”– Namadia

At the time Jade, who loves you very much, threatens to leave the adventure. Did it touch you?

It touches me, because I see that she is really disgusted. Jade is the girl with whom the current went straight away. In addition we used to tell each other everything that said, me in the boys, she in the girls. Besides, she had sensed that something was happening. Before the council, she suggested that I vote for Alexandra and I said “no, we stay like that“. And I was wrong.

We put a lot of emphasis on your kindness to explain your elimination. Do you assume? Kindness isn’t a flaw, right?

In life this is not a fault. But it can be in “Koh-Lanta”! (Laughs). Me, I assume that it is a game, with strategies. And we do not play against robots but against human beings. These human beings have emotions, they share things with others. This is why we cannot imagine that we are going to be the victim of someone we like. To some I say: “Strategy, okay. But do it neatly!“. That’s just what I find unfortunate.

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My children say to me: “Daddy, we see you on TV as you are at home”. And that, for me, is a victory– Namadia

We have the impression that there are a lot of very strong emotions in this “Koh-Lanta”. Quite a bit of tension, even. From the inside, did you feel it? Or is it TV?

No, no I felt it too and it really wasn’t obvious. It’s a game, so you have to ignore your emotions. But when the heart takes over, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Despite the circumstances of your elimination, are you happy to have remade “Koh-Lanta”?

Honestly, I loved my adventure. Despite my untimely exit. I could have stayed longer, but when I look at the pictures it represents exactly what I experienced. I am really happy.

Are your wife and children proud?

I think they are. They were before tonight’s episode and that’s not going to change. My children tell me: “Daddy, we see you on TV like you are at home”. And that, for me, is a victory.

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Has “Koh-Lanta” changed things in your life?

No not necessarily. But it allows you to learn a little more about yourself. If I had been told that I was going to be eliminated because of a choice of the heart, I would have answered “No way !”. Like what…

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And in everyday life? Some say that “Koh-Lanta” gave them confidence …

No, because I have basic confidence in myself. Mentally, I am strong. I have experienced things in my life that were not necessarily easy. But every time I say to myself “there are worse than me and there are better than me “. I am someone who relativizes a lot. My wife often tells me: “It feels like you don’t care about anything“No, it’s just that I take it as it happens.

In your job as a taxi driver, do clients sometimes recognize you?

It happens, but a little less at the moment because of the mask! (Laughs). When it does, people talk to me about “Koh-Lanta” all the way, and always in a positive way.

If we offer you a third “Koh-Lanta”, you hesitate or not?

Frankly I do not hesitate. On my first “Koh-Lanta”, I was focused on the tests. And I realized that was not enough. There at the level of strategies, I understood a little bit how it worked. So I tell myself that if I manage to combine the two on a third participation, I could perhaps go to the end!

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